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Firewalls and antivirus software are no defense against acts of data theft that occur within the organization at local peripheral ports and attached storage devices on Windows endpoints. You don't have to be an administrator to connect a plug-n-play digital camera, MP3 player, or flash memory stick to the USB port and begin uploading or downloading whatever data you want with no audit trail left behind. If you are a system administrator, you already know you cannot granularly manage, audit, or shadow port and device-level activity via Group Policy while also preventing hardware keyloggers and perhaps also enforcing use of only encrypted media.  For these reasons and many others, DeviceLock® is the perfect choice for endpoint port-device control and data leak prevention (DLP). 

SentryBay Data Protection Suite

SentryBay’s Data Protection Suite (EntryProtect and PhishLock) adds an important layer of real-time protection to a company’s security infrastructure, augmenting endpoint anti-virus to provide protection against all spyware and phishing threats. It protects every keystroke entered by the user in real-time, preventing data/identity theft, thus preventing corporate and data breaches. It is "trained" on all the major brands targeted by phishing attacks enabling it to protect against even brand new phishing attacks. Also helps companies with PCI and red flag compliance requirements.